58th Grammy Awards Photo Room

(15 February 2016)

For the Grammys and other award shows, I either do the red carpet or am an editor.  This year my colleague wanted to do the red carpet, so I was tasked with doing the photo room where the award winners and some presenters come back to pose for photos.

I set up lights a day before, and we are all squished in together (see picture) for many hours.  With the Grammys, they give out tons of awards and most of them are presented at the pre-Grammy telecast that lasts from 1pm until the show starts at 5pm.  Then the show starts and winners are supposed to come back when they win an award.  However, this year, after a busy pre-telecast award photo room session, not one award winner came back until 30 minutes after the show ended at 8:30.  So we sat around for four hours with literally nothing to do but be ready at a moment’s notice to photograph someone.

Some of the award winners did not come back, but fortunately Taylor Swift, who is very susceptible to all of our flashes, did come back with her three Grammy awards.  Those pictures were widely published and are very typical of what we shoot in the photo room at award shows.


To see photos that were filed with the EPA, visit the following links:

Grammy Awards photo room


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