Business cards

After I left my job as a wire service photojournalist, I decided to brand myself as a Documentarian.

I have been working on a project on a friend’s father’s amazing Holocaust story and I started a blog just before returning to Poland in January.  It was started on a few days before I left and I couldn’t decide on a domain name, so I just left it as an IP address.

I made some quick business cards (they arrived the day before I left) and now that I am back (and have run out of cards) and have registered a domain name (, it is time to make some more cards.

One of the cards – selected by my son, Shams, was the only black and white photo featured and it was definitely the most popular, so I decided to do all black and white photos.

As I was going through photos for an artist-in-residence application, I set aside photos for the business cards.   Some were already black and white.  Color photos that I thought would convert well in black and white were also set aside.

Here is the selection I came up with…