St. Laurent Fashion Show

(10 February 2016)

I don’t do too much fashion in Los Angeles (actually did more fashion shows in Egypt!).  So this year Saint Laurent decided to hold their men’s and women’s fall fashion show here in Los Angeles at The Palladium.  As with almost anything here, there was a red carpet arrival of celebrities.  It was a pretty good showing for celebs…Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and others arrived with family….Pamela Anderson, Gary Oldman, Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone among others.  After the red carpet we were ushered into the venue and scrambled for a position.  I was fortunate as our video guy had decided to go directly in and film the celebs as they chatted with each other prior to the show instead of doing the red carpet. He had a position in front of him which afforded me an excellent view of the fashion show.

Fashion shows are very quick. Sometimes 15 minutes long, so you are shooting like mad trying to get a variety of shots….not just the standard full-length of the model walking.  You want atmosphere, general views, details and something with the celebs.  This one lasted about 20 minutes and I shot 1,364 pictures.  Lighting was dim and irregular and models were crisscrossing the large open warehouse type floor space. No auto exposure on this one. With digital there really is no limit to how many pictures you shoot.  With film, I may have shot 4 to 6 rolls of 36 exposure film.

No really great shot from this fashion show.  I did one last year at Bob Hope’s former residence in Palm Springs.  It was a much more interesting scene because of the location and his unique saucer-like house, which was the background as models made their way around the swimming pool.


To see photos that were filed with the EPA, visit the following links:




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